Meet our multidisciplinary teams

Our engineers do not offer you a standard solution. They evaluate according to the size of your business and your future plans and offer solutions that will carry you forward.

Our sphere of technological development.

Because of our diverse customer base, we have the opportunity to discover different technologies in many companies and this makes us different in developing the most efficient and scalable products


The .Net ecosystem has developed a lot since it was first launched, and we have experienced that development as a business. Especially with the implementation of the project .Net Core, we quickly transferred into the Linux world on the basis of. It's like in the rest of the world. We presently produce unique and current productions in .Net Core 6.0.

React JS

As a technology world, we can't thank enough for Facebook, which brought us the virtual DOM technology, which is a revolutionary feature for single-page applications. From its first release, we initiated an internal transformation based on the wishes and enthusiasm of our engineers and encouraged our customers in this regard. There are many success stories from all of our experiences.

Next JS

The importance of SEO infrastructure for today's web applications is similar to a law that is widely known. However, SEO support for single-page Web applications, in particular React JS, is problematic. We succeeded in resolving this situation with Next JS for many years. We use this technology in gigantic companies with high traffic and content is important and we offer our customers a competitive advantage.


Javascript, which has dominated our world of technology for many years, is at the heart of many of our projects, we use it intensively in our test automation systems and numerous infrastructure products, and we supply the infrastructure to our clients.


We generally publish our applications on Kubernetes to manage high traffic on our web and mobile applications. In this way, we offer engineering-oriented solutions that can scale automatically and cost according to user density.


We provide the most appropriate solutions for our customers' database technological choices. Our solutions include MSSQL, MySQL, MariaDB, Postgresql and MongoDB. However, for our larger-scale customers, we also prefer distributed databases within cloud infrastructure.


We provide scalable Redis cache services for your clients with heavy and large-scale traffic, so that even during peak periods, businesses can sustain their infrastructure and ensure that their services are not disrupted.

RabbitMQ and Kafka

We provide scalable and manageable queue technologies for our customers with recurring or instantaneous heavy traffic issues. Mistakes caused by unexpected and sudden density can be completely eliminated.

Software Architecture

All good initiatives and applications can survive on the strength of a solid architect. As Greysis, we guarantee that we will provide our clients with a world-class infrastructure.

How important is architecture to your business model or enterprise?

You have often seen the failure of many ingenious business models because of the original wrong choices.

Of course, the business and revenue model is a very important issue for the success of a technology start-up, but it is difficult for most organizations to maintain a well-established operating model, meet requirements and ensure continuity. Especially the code structure, which is started as an amateur at the beginning, creates unaffordable costs and problems later on. It is because software development is extremely expensive and often irreversible. As is well known, a software cost formula is managed as a course in the computer engineering departments of universities in our country and around the world.

The change that costs 1 unit at the beginning of the project increases to 100 at the end of the project.

Architectural issues

A development model that lacks engineering principles and is limited to solving problems that occur only that day is not sustainable. Providing more human resources for problem-solving makes things even more complicated for a project with architectural problems. In addition, development engineers generally do not want to produce on projects with architectural problems. Because it is so difficult to supply software development engineers for today's world, the results of a decision taken at the beginning can be costly.

Why should you work with us?

We guarantee that we will offer a world-class architecture and code infrastructure. With our architectural infrastructure we provide, an engineer with software development engineer competence anywhere in the world will be able to adapt to your project and start producing it in a very short time.