Out sourcing


From the beginning of the project, we present a concrete plan and determine exactly what our clients will present in their projects.

Our experts, whose qualifications and competencies have been evaluated by our teams, serve our customers quickly. With our outsourcing program, you can focus on your business without all the recruitment processes and training costs.

What are outsourcing services?

This service means an organization or business receives support from other organizations for certain parts of the business. Outsourced service is done by qualified organizations in that field and has an experienced team. The outsourcing organization offers solutions in many areas from the design stage to the testing stage and helps businesses in this process.

What is the current status of outsourcing services?

With the digital transformation, it has become a must for businesses to offer solutions intertwined with information technologies, and only in this way they can continue to grow. Organizations that can achieve digital transformation have a competitive advantage. Benefiting from outsourcing services in information technologies is no longer just used to reduce costs, but has gained a whole new dimension through the cloud technologies. In particular, the maintenance of technologies and systems used by businesses in their own products has become one of the most important outsourcing services.


Acceptance criteria for technology selection

Many companies are often hasty in choosing the most suitable technology for their products. However, not choosing the appropriate technology for the product may result in very costly consequences for the company in the coming years.

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What are the advantages of outsourcing services?

  1. With this service, businesses can have access to engineers with high-capacity competencies and state-of-the-art technologies whenever they want. In this way, it is possible to develop products more safely and efficiently.
  2. Besides the service used, the most significant advantage is the opportunity to work with an experienced team. Our team, which works to provide the most effective solutions to different problems every day, uses the experience they have gained in the face of these problems to derive good service to your business.
  3. Instead of having people who have experience in many fields in your business, you can find experts in different fields whenever you want.
  4. While we support you in technology with our service, your team concentrates on their areas of expertise, so you get maximum efficiency from the business process. You can get around to your time altogether to your strategy and leave the technical parts to our expert team.
  5. Working with an experienced team has a magnificent advantage in terms of speed. Thanks to our team that offers fast solutions, you can gain an advantageous position in the sector.
  6. In some cases, you can continue to run your business with outsourcing services, without needing prime departments of your business completely. In this way, you can have the advantage of easier and more sustainable management by reducing the internal complexity.

At what stages do we offer outsourcing services?

Our staff in the outsourcing services offered, in most cases, become a part of the relevant company. They act as ambassadors for innovations and technology transfer within Greysis.
  • Analysis

    At this stage, businesses can proceed directly to the solution process without fully understanding the problem. In this case, even a small problem can become complex. As Greysis, we clearly identify the problems in this process and plan what to do in the face of different scenarios.

  • Design and architecture

    Our solution architecture provides the backdrop for software projects and defines implementation phases. It adapts information technology solutions to specific needs and contributes to the project development process by defining their requirements. It divides the work into sub-stages and makes the process easier to manage. In order to meet the needs of your business in the most efficient way, we complete the work that we divide into small parts faster. Our most important role in the solution architecture we offer to your business is to find the most appropriate solutions to technical problems and follow a path accordingly.

  • Coding

    During the coding phase, our experienced software engineers develop software in accordance with the planned business model. They use the most current versions of the technologies that will be used in this software development process also the codes are open to changes and innovations.

  • Testing

    Every code created by our team is tested and written to ensure that it is in working order with all different scenarios. These tests make them easier to find errors in codes and help them solve the problems quickly. In some circumstances, tests created before codes, through test-focused development, time saved substantially.

  • Maintenance and support

    Although up-to-date technologies are used in the developed products, new requirements may arise in the projects in a short time as the technology progresses very quickly. In this case, it is necessary to review the codes written at regular intervals and follow the innovations related to the technologies used. Our team is always adhering to these innovations, maintaining the products, and they are making sure that they remain open for improvement. In this process, businesses consult us for our support, and they are also informed about the determined needs.


Why should you get this service?

At the end of all stages of our outsourcing services, your product will develop faster and you will have worked with the most up-to-date technologies according to the needs of your business. By eliminating your recruitment and orientation processes, you will be able to focus on your exact business.